Friday, October 24, 2014

The veil is thin.

Last week, I dreamed of a friend of mine who committed suicide in 2006.  In my dream, it was as if I had found him suddenly.  I brought him to mine and my husband's family, where he specifically told us that he was doing well and was happy.  Last night, I dreamed of my beautiful cat Nyx who passed away November 2012.  I was sitting in the front room reading a book while she was laying with my other four pets, just as if she'd never passed away.  Who knows who will decide to visit me in my sleep next.

Maybe I'm thinking of them more often.  After all, we are nearing Samhain, a pagan holiday that celebrates and reveres the dead.  But perhaps the veil between the living and the dead is truly thinning.  That's the lore of Samhain - on the night of the 31st, the one thing that shrouds us from the spirits passed weakens.  That's why we set out plates of food for family members.  That's why we place photos of them on our altars and why he hail them in ritual.

Admittedly, as October 31st nears, I enter a bit of a funk.  I've been feeling incredibly down for the past few weeks.  It's been very tough.  Yesterday, my volunteer work with The Animal Rescue Alliance forced me out of bed.  It forced me to get dressed and face the world on a dreary, misty day.  But perhaps that's exactly what I needed - a damp, dark, otherworldly day to remind me that there's a reason behind my moods.

When I took a walk last night, it was incredibly foggy.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to share with my readers this message.  So I snapped a few pictures, such as the one above.  Feel free to save and share.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Found my Samhain 2014 Dress!

Today I went out looking at thrift stores and found my dress for Circle of Fountains' Samhain event next week!  All women's clothing was half off, and with a bonus regulars discount, I got it for just $2!  Bought the belt from the same store for $2.50.  Can't beat a dress for a little under five bucks! 

Here's some quick teaser photos:

I'd show you more, but

Sorry, Sweetie.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spiritual Room In-Progress

On Sunday, I started officially trying to put together our new spiritual room.  What a challenge it has proven to be!  The room is perfect for the area in so many ways, but also has some obstacles that I'm going to have to overcome before Samhain.  Goodness.  No pressure!

I know what you're thinking: Marietta, you're a obsessive-compulsive ISTJ Virgo II.  Why in the world did you wait this late to start putting this room together?  Truth is, the house had a bit of a flooding issue when we first moved in.  Nothing that hasn't been fixed, but it took a while to solve it, and a little longer for me to trust my things in that room.

Once we had it fully resolved (and the floor properly steam cleaned), fellow CNF member and friend Jessica came over and we started unpacking the room.

Apparently, it's a much bigger task than either of us realized.

The room itself is between 2 and 3 times bigger than the original spiritual room.  Both a bonus and a bit of an issue.  I can already tell that I almost don't have enough stuff for it. Who knew that'd be an issue considering that it took me three diligent days to pack it!  Since most of my money is currently tied up in the move, I've started dumpster and curbside scouting for shelves and small hallway tables.  Anything that can go against a wall and leave space in the center of the room.  Anything that isn't completely trashed or wet.  So far, no luck.  But most of my furniture for the room was curbside at one point, so something's bound to turn up.

For this room, each corner happens to be a quarter as well.  That's perfect, except when it isn't.  For example, Earth's corner is a bit of a problem.  Two doors right there.  So I can't actually put anything in that corner.  I have to dance around it.  You can see that I'm starting to set up my ancestor/memory altar on the right, and I've moved one of my altars from east because it perfectly fit in that little space between the door in the closet.  It's going to hold stones from here on out.  It was tough to repurpose my first altar to be a stone altar, but since I most closely relate to the element Earth if I have to pick, it still makes enough sense that I can justify it.

Of course, when the door is pretty much right against the wall, I had to aim for narrow furniture.  Here's South's corner so far.  Our front room lamp didn't fit in the front room (and we have ceiling light in there anyway), so it became a part of my spiritual room.  Good thing too.  Apparently I've developed a bit of an obsession with candles and they no longer all fit on one shelf.  Yeesh!

As a plus, over each quarter, there's a little ceiling light.  An even bigger plus?  Light dimmers!  While I'll still probably opt for string lights, the dimmers give us an option of keeping the lights on so we can actually read and see while still keeping it dark for mood.  Bonus!

And there's the closet.  No doors, which is actually just perfect because it not only makes everything accessible but shows off the gorgeous cedar wood inside!  After getting this far in unpacking and setting up the shelves, I started to think that I maybe wanted to make this a little seating area - much like our old seating area near fire in our old room:

But of course, this presents its own problems.  Beyond the obvious of having to move everything I just unpacked out of the closet, the seating area items I have are red and gold for fire.  The closet falls between water and earth - blue and green.  Whoops!

The hardest part is trying to set up this room mostly on my own.  I had Jessica's help on Sunday, but I've been busting my rear on it ever since and it's still not even close to done!  I see my spiritual room as communal.  It's not mine per se, but my circle's.  I love to let everyone have a say on it.  But considering that Samhain is a little over a week away, I think I'm going to have to let go of that idea and just get it together.