Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Busy month! Many updates coming soon!

Things have been so hectic this past week!

We officially put a deposit down on a rental house, though we are still seeking donations to help us with the move.  I've posted more than enough about that, so I certainly won't bother you guys with it again.  I know that's not what you come here to see!

Unfortunately, I don't have much on the pagan front - yet anyway.  I've been working like crazy trying to garner enough funds for the move (see below).  In fact, I even made the news (see 35 seconds from end).  Our local Renfest opened this weekend, so I made sure to make an appearance (see left).  However, we do have a few pagan activities planned in the coming weeks that I will definitely be blogging about:

September 14th: CNF's Mabon ritual, led by Tony.
September 19th: My house cleansing ceremony.
September 28th: KC's Pagan Pride Day

Thank you all for being so patient with me during this time of transition.  I look forward to updating you guys soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fundraiser to Help our Pets: Update 2!

My husband and I are currently raising money to cover our familiars' bills.
or sharing our GoFundMe campaign on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or other personal or social networking site.
And a gigantic thank you to everyone who has donated or shared our cause so far!
We couldn't do this without you!

As you likely already know because I discuss it so much here at Witchy Words, my husband and I have had a troubling time with our apartment.  Everything from a flea infestation from inside the building to a homicide in our parking lot, we've known we've needed to move for quite some time.  However, nothing has been as pressing as the mysterious number of illnesses my pets have endured since our move in date last August.  Leaving out routine vet visits (such as vaccination day) or unrelated items (such as Zeus losing a tooth) we have endured almost $1700 in bills from everything from Hermes's baffling vomiting spells to Artemis's life-threatening impacted colon.  All of these have no known cause that the vet can determine because we cannot discover what the pets might be getting into their systems to make them so sick.  We have pet proofed the apartment again and again and I'm an ISTJ Virgo II with OCD, so we keep our living space spectacularly clean with pet-safe, organic cleaners.  The only thing the vet can determine is that it must be environmental, which it means it is the apartment we live in and we absolutely have to move.

Coincidentally, the cost to move will be about the same as the vet bills.  However, while we've been here, I've also been drastically sick with something called Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome, a condition where a person's immune system attacks healthy tissue and organs in their body.  I spent four months blind from autoimmune scleritis, and five months going through invasive medical procedures to determine why I was having severe stomach pains only to find out I have Celiac Disease and a vitamin D deficiency.  The bills have been horrendous, even with health insurance.  To make matters worse, we've been paying on my husband's student loans.  He has a BS in Network Security and is about $45,000 in debt.  Our monthly payment on these bills comes up to roughly the cost of living here in Kansas City.  Between my health issues, my pets' health issues and my husband's student loans, we're in a hole we feel we can't get out of.

This is why I created a fundraiser to help us move.  We would be truly grateful for any donation, however large or small, that can help us on our way.  Even just one dollar gets us one dollar closer to our goal.  If you can't donate, please consider sharing our GoFundMe campaign or this blog entry to your website, blog or social networking site of choice.  Every share means just as much to us as a donation, truly!

Update August 26, 2014: On Monday, my husband and I took a look at four more houses and finally made a decision on a house to rent.  We submitted our application Monday night, which cost $60, and are now awaiting approval.  Once we are approved, which will likely be sometime tomorrow, we will have two weeks to put in our deposit of $950 (our portion after our roommate pays his will be $633) and our pet deposit of $300.  This is truly where we need your help.  We have currently raised $505 with our GoFundMe campaign.  After the application fee, we are just $188 from the deposit.

There are so many options for rewards to donate, ranging from a real, physical thank you card to a print to a video and even a personalized sketch!  If you have the availability to donate or share, we would be so appreciative.

The support we've received thus far has been absolutely amazing.  Thank you so much, everyone!